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Yeg4Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Foundation® is a small grass-roots initiative based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine. With the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, we ask for the ongoing support of all Canadians.


Ambulances are Urgently Needed Now

Your support will help us buy & ship 2 fully outfitted ambulances.





Your Donations

How it Works

Donors give to the initiative
(funds or medical supplies)

Volunteers pack supplies based on requests from Ukraine or procure supplies in Europe if available

Supplies are transported into Poland where they are met by local volunteers and driven into Ukraine

Hospitals and field medical facilities receive the supplies


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Who We Are

We are a non-profit society based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada made up of Ukrainian immigrants and children/grandchildren of immigrants. Within 3 weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine we raised over $100K and embarked on our first humanitarian aid mission. Today we are focused on raising funds to procure urgently needed medical supplies and facilitating quick transport into Ukraine.

More Resources

Looking for other resources and information on how you can support initiatives for Ukraine or for refugees? We have compiled a list of resources & trusted organizations here.


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Ambulance Campaign

Ambulance Campaign

Yeg4Ukraine is currently working on an initiative to raise $50,000 for ambulances for Ukraine....

Tour de NAIOP

Tour de NAIOP

NAIOP Edmonton hosted their annual Tour de NAIOP in support of Ukraine on September 23, 2022....

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I’d like to extend the thanks from myself and our team at Przemyśl refugee centre along with that of absolute gratitude from all our travellers from Ukraine. You came to see where there was a need and did not hesitate when it was identified. Personally, one of the most significant goals during this time is attempting to maintain the dignity of all those who have risked everything to be here. I founded kindred spirits amongst all your team, along with a willingness to get the job done. The 256 sheets you have donated go a long way towards reminding our visitors of more comfortable times and, therefore, a better chance at a well deserved good night’s sleep. (For many, their first since fleeing Ukraine).

So again, a sincere thank you to you, your wonderful team, donors, and supporters. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege working with you all.

Richard Brammall AVC

Przemyśl (Tesco) Refugee Centre

Letter from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence

Letter translation:

The leadership and personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces millitary hospital in Zhytomyr send you our sincere thanks and respect for your charitable donation in the form of the diathermy Surtron machine.

This medical equipment was delivered to the Zhytomyr hospital and is being utilized in the care of Soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces who have suffered as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

Your understanding promotes the conservation of that which is most important- the health and lives of the military’s defenders of Ukraine.

Sponsors and Community Partners

Thank you to our Sponsors who donated $2000+

About Us

YEG4UKRAINE Humanitarian Aid Foundation is a non-profit society based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We support the people of Ukraine during the ongoing military conflict.